BMX cyclist has epic wipe out on first jump at Olympics

funny shit 18/08/2016

BMX rider Edzus Treimanis wiped out before his Rio Olympics got off and rolling.


The Latvian became the first casualty of the men's seeding run after he crashed off his bike just 50ft from the starting ramp.


Treimanis made a flying start down the ramp, and after getting big air over the first jump, landed hard on his back wheel and flipped over the handle bars.


He slammed his head on the ground and got up looking a little bemused at what had just happened.


The 28-year-old revealed a nasty gash on his forehead when he removed his helmet and was assisted off the track.


It'll be one ride that Treimanis will want to forget quickly as he was the only rider of the 32 competitors not to finish.


New Zealand's Trent Jones finished down the field in 25th.