You've heard the fairy tale before, Cinderella is saved from her evil stepmother and stepsisters by the way of a fairy godmother, a magic pumpkin, and a handsome fella with a glass slipper.

Well we are bringing Cinderella to the Naki, Rock style cheers to RedMoose.

Listen out for the Rock Roadies at 10:40 to find out where they will be.

They will have a pair of Red Band gumboots to give away. If they fit, you get to walk away with them! We also have heaps of other Red Band and Red Moose merch to giveaway.

If you can't make it to where The Rock Roadies are, don't stress, just text the word RED along with your name to 3520 to be in the draw to win a RedMoose prize pack.

These prizes are perfect for Fathers Day!