Dude launched off 10-storey ramp in mad-dog stunt

New 19/09/2016

A stuntman has recreated Evel Knievel's iconic Snake River Canyon jump in the US.

Stuntman Eddie Braun took off at 3:54pm from a property a few kilometres up the river from the original spot in the Magic Valley region of Idaho.

He launched off a 10-storey ramp, flying about 600m in the air at a speed of 643km/h.

This jump mirrored Knievel's in almost every way, including the technology.

Mr Braun's been preparing for the past three years and spent about NZ$2.2 million of his own money on the jump. That includes the work of engineer Scott Truax, who is the son of Robert Truax, the engineer who built Knievel's rocket back in 1974.

Mr Braun deployed a parachute after the jump to land safely on the ground.

Evel Knievel has been Mr Braun's idol and inspiration since the day they met in the 1970s.