How to DAD's guide to Father's Day

funny shit 03/09/2016

The man behind viral Facebook page 'How to DAD' has given out some tips on 'how to have a bloody good Fathers' Day'. 


The page started in November 2015 when Jordan Watson made a video for his friend who was expecting a child. 


"My wife was out with my eldest daughter and left me at home with the baby, she was like three months old and I was bored. So I slapped the camera up on a couple of boxes of beer and hit record.


"I made up some holds and I did a video called 'how to hold a baby', posted it, tagged him in it and overnight it went worldwide, it went crazy and I had no idea what was going on, my phone had all of these YouTube notifications."


He realised there was a gap in the market that his videos could fill so he made Facebook and YouTube pages and has been posting a video per week ever since.


"And here we are over 800,000 likes later and a fancy camera man filming me, not just me filming myself, so I've made the big time."


Mr Watson's says he will be "chilling at home" on the big day.


"Fingers crossed there will be a sleep in and my daughter doesn't poop her nappy for the whole day so I don't have to change her nappy."