Someone's trolling pretty hard on Nirvana's Facebook page right now

Pics 14/09/2016

Earlier this week, a video of a Peruvian dude impersonating Kurt Cobain started floating around the internet. 

The video itself is from 2012, but a bunch of people have decided the video is part of a conspiracy theory which proves Kurt is still alive.

The guy's impression of the frontman is pretty good, but his guitar's around the wrong way (Kurt's left-handed), so it's clear that this dude is not actually Kurt.

The official Nirvana Facebook page posted the video, stating that Kurt was alive and has finally come out of hiding.

Obviously people got pretty pissed and left some interesting comments... to which the official Nirvana page responded perfectly.

We're not sure if this is the official page's admin being a troll, or if the page is hacked, but it's pretty damn funny. 

Watch the video in question below...