Teacher in trouble for telling pupil 'lick me where I fart'

New 20/09/2016

A Canadian high school teacher has been suspended after saying a number of filthy things to her students, including allegedly asking one to "lick me where I fart".

Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson was suspended for a month without pay as the Ontario College of Teachers, which licenses educators in the Canadian province, investigates the matter, according to reports.

She's accused of two separate charges of swearing and vulgarity in the classroom, with claims she also called a student a "bloody paedophile", saying another looked like "a frumpy old lady today" and slapping a male student on the head while telling him to "grow some balls".

It is also alleged she said "f**k you" to a student and told her class "it's debate, not masturbate".

Ms Green-Johnson has already been disciplined by the Ontario College of Teachers, previously being found guilty of calling students stupid, idiot, gay and "a bitch".

Court documents also show Ms Green-Johnson told a male student he "liked it from behind" as he carried another on his back and told one class while they were watching a film with nudity that it was impossible to see the actor's penis without a microscope.

She has in the past been hit with both paid and unpaid suspensions in the previous cases and the Ontario College of Teachers does have the power to terminate her employment for the latest complaints.