Aussie bloke beats off shark with broom

funny shit 17/10/2016

An Australian fisherman has been captured on video in a dramatic fight with a large shark, in which a broom handle saved the day.

Daniel Hoey, the owner and operator of Salty Dog Fishing Charters in Victoria, was out on the water with clients when his vessel came across the white pointer shark.

Mr Hoey says it began ramming the boat, circling it more than 30 times for more than 20 minutes.

"It [the shark] took the cage with burley [bait] from under the boat and swam away with it and disappeared. We thought that was the end of that so we kept fishing, but then it came back for more and was just hanging around," Mr Hoey told The Standard Australia.

The shark then proceeded to bite into the boat's motor, prompting Mr Hoey's knee-jerk reaction with the broom.

In the video, Mr Hoey can be seen nudging the shark's head several times, trying to push away the animal as it keeps returning to the boat.

Mr Hoey says sharks are attracted to the spinning propeller of a boat motor, so encounters such as this are not that uncommon - although the sharks are not usually as big as this one.

The footage comes just a few days after a video posted to Facebook showed a massive great white shark breaking its way into a diving cage in Mexico.