Guns N' Roses invites Mexican fans on stage to beat Donald Trump piñata

funny shit 04/12/2016

Guns N' Roses have made their feelings about Donald Trump's election victory known at a concert in Mexico.


The 'Paradise City' hitmakers revealed a massive piñata at a show in Mexico City earlier this week, and invited fans on stage to beat it to pieces.


"Let's bring up some people and give them a f***ing stick," singer Axl Rose said in a video uploaded by TMZ. "Express yourselves however you feel."


Fans first smashed the President-elect's right leg, before moving onto his torso.  Inside were Guns N' Roses t-shirts.


Mr Rose also changed the words to 'Civil War', singing "look at the fear that Trump is feeding".


Mr Trump began his election campaign with a string of insults about Mexicans, calling immigrants "rapists" and "criminals".


He has promised to build a wall between the two countries. It would seem Guns N' Roses have little patience for his views.