Aussie breaks into Kiwi tradies' flat, gets beaten up

funny shit 19/01/2017

Three rugby-playing tradies ended up making a "citizen's arrest" (aka they arrested him without the cops present) when they woke up to an intruder in their flat.

Kiwi Logan Burke said he woke up around 2am and saw another dude holding a torch in his mouth, going through all his stuff. The intruder was already wearing Logan's hat and watch.

Apparently Logan decided to lay quietly in bed for a minute, then pounce on the dude, pinning him to the wall and shouting to his flatties for help.

The burglar attempted to throw punches, so the three flatmates dragged him into the kitchen while they phoned the police.

Logan reckons the intruder begged to be let go:

“We sat him down but he kept trying to punch us and he pleaded with us to let him go, claiming he had warrants and his mum had cancer so he just needed money.”

"We told him he picked the wrong house."

Police ended up arresting the 30-year-old intruder, who was charged with aggravated burglary, stealing and two counts of assault.

Source: The West