Angry Maccas customer goes viral with over the top rant

funny shit 02/02/2017

An Australian DJ named Yaz just wanted to smash back a feed of Macca's after a long day of hard work when he got the shock of his life.

He ordered a standard classic Big Mac meal, opened the burger box to find that the cheeky bastards at McD's forgot the lettuce, pickles and the delicious special sauce.

How the hell do you forget the bloody Big Mac special sauce!?

The DJ shared a passionate food rant to his Facebook page and got over 8000 shares and more than 45,000 likes.

After describing the lead up to ordering his burger at the drive-thru, he says,"I was unprepared for the horrors and treachery that awaited me... Not only was one of my extra juicy beef patties missing, my entire Big Mac was lettuce free.... Your McSlaves figured out a way to make your burgers less healthy....The burger was dryer than the summer deserts of Dubai."

The massive 585-word rant ends with: "I ask you to find the devil who built this so called burger and send him back to the realms of Hell where he belongs as I am certain that only Satan himself would commit such an act of evil."

You've gotta feel for the guy. Heartbroken by his beloved local Maccas is a tough pill to swallow.