Chicks lose their shit trying to get a rat out of their flat

Vids 20/02/2017

A group of Pittsburgh college students have orchestrated a rat evacuation that has impressed audiences on Twitter.

Duquesne University student Logan managed to corner a rat in the shower using a broom, while her flatmates took position, blocking all escape routes.

The rat makes a dash for it out of the shower, barrelling into a blocked escape route, before getting a broom to the behind, painfully bouncing down the stairs with great momentum.

The rat regains its balance at the bottom of the stairs, and for a brief moment seems ready to make a dash for it.

The attempt is futile. With incredible timing, a man at the bottom of the stairs boots the rat straight out the front door.

But while the students may have won the battle, but the rats could still win the war.

"What you'll find is as soon as you get rid of them, they merge back into the vacant territory," Owen Stobart from Auckland-based Aces Pest Control told Newshub.