KFC announces cauliflower burger, ends up being epic troll

funny shit 25/02/2017

KFC, the makers of the classic Double Down, Popcorn Chicken, and now apparently, a new Clean Eating Burger.

The new item was announced by KFC UK & Ireland in partnership with Figgy Poppleton-Rice, a healthy foods company.

The burger features a "chia-seeded cauliflower bun", "unsweetened almond yoghurt", "ice cube relish", "spiralised chicken breast" and "100 percent British kale".

But don't worry loyal chicken fanatics, KFC aren't going soft on us just yet. The burger is all a massive troll the fast food giant did for some extra puplicity.

Figgy Poppleton-Rice is a fake company that just created their social media accounts last week.

Apparently the marketing ploy came about because KFC wanted to point out how good the Colonel's fried chicken tastes compared to the healthy option.

KFC are yet to clarify whether this is real or not, with all signs pointing to it being fake, by Monday we should have some answers.