Dunedin man calls police on his dealer for selling him salt

New Zealand 10/02/2017

There seems to be a story like this every other day now - but it doesn't make it any less funny (or ridiculous).

A Dunedin man, who was sold rock salt and not methamphetamine in a drug deal, was so pissed he got ripped off that he reported his dealer to the police.

We're not making this stuff up. From Newshub:

"A Dunedin man was so incensed at being ripped off in a drug deal that he reported it to police.

And even though the dealer sold rock salt, not methamphetamine, he still ended up in court.

Casey Richmond appeared in Dunedin District Court on Thursday and was jailed for two years. The 22-year-old had admitted offering to supply a Class A drug. 

The judge said it made no difference that all he sold was rock salt.

Richmond was undone when the drug buyer he duped complained to police.

The court was told how Richmond and the buyer exchanged 54 text messages over more than three hours while negotiating the purchase.

The buyer parted with a Nissan car for 2.5 grams of what he believed was methamphetamine. Richmond would not let him sample the drug before the transaction.

When the disgruntled buyer told Richmond the drugs were useless the seller insisted it was "good stuff".

The buyer then reported the dodgy deal to police, the Otago Daily Times reported.

Richmond was also sentenced on unrelated driving and weapon charges."

Stay in school, kids.