Teenager flogs a forklift, gets chased by cops down Queen St

funny shit 03/02/2017

Imagine this, you're steamed from a night on the town, standing on the side of Queen St in Auckland, waiting for your Uber driver to pick you up. All of a sudden a bright yellow forklift comes screaming past you being chased by a bunch of cops.

Well that was the case last night when a 17 a year old guy stole a forklift from a central Auckland construction site, drove the wrong way down Darby St then onto Queen St.

The police noticed the guy and started their pursuit but the dude just wouldn't stop.

The boys in blue had to catch up to the forklift, jump onto it and stop the guy themselves.

He was arrested and is due for court on Friday but he'll have one heck of a story to tell the boys about later.