Waikato Police make fun of cows and their 'grass'

funny shit 20/02/2017

It's not every day you see the police sharing a laugh about a couple of cows munching down on some 'grass,' but it's a different story in the Waikato.

Just last week the Waikato District Police posted a photo of two cows having a feed on a bit of green, and asked the public to caption the photo with the best comment to win a prize.

Some crack up captions to come out of the comp included:

  • The steaks have never been higher (Margaret Connolly)
  • 420 graze it (Dakota Davidson)
  • So this is why there's a green top milk (Te Ahuora Mac)
  • Fonterra explain their high milk prices (Rozanne de Wild)
  • Utterly wasted milk (John Oka)
  • Just weeding out the crimoonals (Kellie Perry)
  • No wonder the cow jumped over the moon (Haumaitawhiti Wikiriwhi)
  • Cannibeef (JP Taute)
  • Bad cows, bad cows, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for moo (Sally French)

The competition was run instead of an average "don't do drugs" post, with the police confirming that the cows did not eat any of the drug.