Whanganui woman takes boyfriend to court for eating her KFC

KFC 09/02/2017

KFC is no joke. When we buy a bucket for ourselves, we expect to eat that whole damn bucket (even if we end up pot-bellied and full of regrets from overeating).

A chick from Whanganui seems to agree with our KFry selfishness, since she took her boyfriend to court for apparently eating the last of her chicken.

According to Newshub...

A couple's argument over the last piece of KFC chicken has ended up in court.

The Whanganui District court has heard about an argument between a man and his girlfriend which started over a phone call - but progressed to an argument over his selfishness for finishing off the meal.

Cameron Wilson's partner accused him of being selfish when he ate the last helping of KFC - prompting her to pick up a pottle of potato and gravy and throwing it at his head.

Sergeant Drew Morrison told Whanganui District Court on Wednesday how things quickly escalated resulting in Wilson punching his partner in the back of the head. 

He pleaded guilty to a charge of assaulting his partner. 

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Wilson also pleaded guilty to an unrelated charge of driving with excess breath alcohol and driving while suspended, NZME reported.

Judge Philip Crayton sentenced him to 100 hours community work, 12 months supervision and disqualified him from driving for six months.