Adam Sandler recalls how he made kids cry on Billy Madison

funny shit 17/03/2017

Over the years, Adam Sandler has been the guy making everyone laugh their arses off.

Whether it's classics like Little Nicky, Happy Gilmour and Big Daddy or even some of his more recent stuff like Grown Ups and The Ridiculous 6, plenty of laughs have been shared.

Recently, Sandler was on Conan and revealed he made some kids cry in his classic comedy Billy Madison. Apparently he went out to film the scene and just starting nailing 6 year olds left, right and centre.

They had to stop the scene because kids started crying and parents began to complain to Sandler that he was going too hard on them.

His response was gold; "No, no, no, that's the scene... I'm supposed to plug all these kids. It's part of the joke".

He then went on to finish the scene, plugging kids all over the court.