Bloke gets punished by a call-girl texting the wrong number

Thane & Dunc 15/03/2017

There's no greater horror story than someone texting the wrong number, but one of our listeners has a real nightmare of a yarn after being contacted by a woman with the wrong digits.

The poor bloke spoke to Thane & Dunc to tell 'em how he's been recieving messages for ages from a call girl named Ange who's looking for some bloke called Doug (who she also calls Wayne at one point).

Turns out this listener's phone number is one digit different to one of Ange's clients, and we're not sure if she wants her money, an apology or a hook up... But it sounds like she's not too sure either. 

We're not sure who you are, Doug - but Ange doesn't seem too happy with you.

Have a geeze at the punishing messages below.