Chick manages to make easy cash off dudes on Tinder

funny shit 28/03/2017

A chick has taken to Twitter to explain "the best possible use for Tinder," after she found a way to make money of desperate dudes on the dating app.

Maggie Archer is a 20-year-old from America and her Tinder bio is making her a hell of a lot of coin.

The bio reads "send me $5, see what happens," to which 'curious' blokes send her money, she blocks their accounts and then walks away with all the dough. Too easy.

Step 1: Convince the guy to send her $5 to her PayPal account.

Step 2: Delete the poor guy and never talk to him again.

Step 3: Go and enjoy all that hard earned cash.

Now we don't want you ladies going around and scamming all the blokes in the country, but you can't help but laugh at how well this chick pulled this off.