Forget the bottle shop, UberEats now delivers booze

Pics 24/03/2017

Melbourne was the first city in the world to get UberEats, so it's only fitting that they are first city to get the alcohol delivery service.

From today, anyone in Melbourne will be able to order booze with your food from any of the restaurants that work with UberEats.

Unfortunately you can only order beer or wine with a meal, but it's your best bet if you're craving a couple of drinks with your feed.

Forget about the stress of driving down to the bottle shop, when all you really want is a larger to compliment that butter chicken you got with your mates promo code.

You're allowed to order up to six beers and one bottle of wine with any order.

Of course you’ll need to be over 18 and be able to show your ID to the Uber driver or they won’t hand over the alcohol.

The service isn't available in New Zealand yet, but this is still news to get excited about because we won't be far behind.