Former NBA star reckons Nirvana got him high on SNL

funny shit 27/03/2017

Charles Barkley is a former NBA MVP with a career spanning 16 years with Philadelphia, Phoenix and Houston.

Recently on The Dan Patrick Show, Barkley revealed that when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 1993, Nirvana were the live performance for the night.

He said he had a small dressing room that he left the door open for visitors, Nirvana were in the neighbouring room and Barkley reckons he got second-hand high from them.

"I had people coming in and out, my friends, so I kept my dressing room open. Every time those guys from Nirvana opened their door I got like a contact high. It was like one of those big mushroom clouds came."

It's no surprises Nirvana were smoking up at SNL, they looked baked as in the filming of the promo clip at the top.