Guy lands huge 497kg marlin, finds a sailfish in its stomach

Pics 24/03/2017

On February 16th, Angolan angler Sergio Reis reeled in an impressive Atlantic Blue Marlin, weighing in at a massive 497 kg (1095 lb 11 oz).

It's only the fourth time this year that a marlin weighing over 1000 pounds ('granders') has been caught.

The four granders caught so far this year have been landed all over the world in South Africa, Angola, New Zealand, and Mauritius.

The crew fishing out of Lobito, a port city in Angola, took their huge haul back to get processed and upon cutting the monster open they found something unexpected.

Apparently, people watching on as the belly of the 497 kg blue marlin was cut open were shocked to find the remains of a sailfish fall out.

Sailfish can weigh over 90 kg, so that's a feed and a half for even a marlin to chow down on.