Uber driver catches her boyfriend cheating after dropping another girl at his place

funny shit 30/03/2017

An Uber driver says she busted her partner cheating after delivering his mistress straight to his doorstep.

Twitter user @Msixelaa tweeted the story on Wednesday (NZ time). It begins when she picks up a woman who is going to see her boyfriend she hasn't seen "in forever".

Msixelaa's own boyfriend told her he was going to see his mother in hospital. She'd helped him pack his luggage the night before.

"He got in his car, I got in mine, he drove off like he was going to the airport," she wrote.

Her passenger gave her destination as the same apartment block, without specifying the exact address.

"Fast forward to us pulling up to the gate at the apartment complex, I'm like, my boyfriend lives out here," Msixelaa wrote.

"My stomach starts to drop as we get closer to a familiar building and I see his car outside... she said, 'I think this is it right here - this is his car.'"

When Msixelaa saw her boyfriend emerge to greet his mistress, "the devil rose up out of me".

"His dum ass couldn't [beat] me to the door before I started beating his ass," she wrote.

After a brief scrap with both her boyfriend and the other woman, Msixelaa got in her car and drove off - before realising the woman hadn't had a chance to unload her luggage.

"Anyways, this is the reason I now have new luggage," she wrote.

It's not clear if the mistress gave her five stars for the ride.

"By the way, I am single now," Msixelaa wrote.

Her experience comes just weeks after a cheating husband sued Uber for $70 millionafter a technical fault with the app helped his wife catch him in the act.