8 y/o boy steals dad's van, takes it on a hoon to Maccas

funny shit 13/04/2017

An 8-year-old jumped in his father's van and drove his younger sister to McDonald's - after watching a YouTube video on how to drive. 

The boy took his four-year-old sister along shotgun for a ride to his local drive-thru while their parents slept, police said.

Pulling up to the window, staff said they thought they were being pranked when the boy calmly ordered a cheeseburger - and pulled out his piggy-bank to pay.

The journey to fulfill a night-time craving was around 2.5 kilometres from his home in East Palestine, Ohio, and local patrolman Jacob Koehler said "the kid learned to drive on YouTube".

Mr Koehler said he was impressed with the boy's driving skills - and there was a good lesson to be gleaned from the mini motorist.

"There's a good teaching point- with the way technology is, kids will learn how to do anything and everything… he probably looked it up for five minutes and then said it was time to go".

The eight-year-old didn't hit a single thing on the drive there, he said: "It was unreal".

Witnesses said the boy followed all traffic laws, including stopping at red lights and waiting for other cars to pass before making a left turn into the restaurant.

Preparing himself for calls reporting damage to mailboxes or garbage bins from a tyke behind the wheel, Mr Koehler said those calls never came.

The boy had quietly walked on his tip-toes to grab his father's keys, and said he had never driven before, but learned by watching videos.

In tears when he realised he'd done something wrong, he told Mr Koehler he just really wanted a cheeseburger.

It wasn’t a case of neglect, however - the boy and his sister had already had dinner, but he just really wanted that burger.

The child’s father had worked all day on Sunday and had gone to bed early. Their mother was on the couch with the kids, when she fell asleep.

When a family friend spotted the slightly smaller than usual driver the journey was over, but not all was lost - the runaways got their cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets and fries as they waited for their grandparents to put an end to the adventure.