Police reveal New Zealand's most stolen car for 2017

New Zealand 19/04/2017

Police say Mazda Demio's have become hot property for those damn dirty thieves - especially in the Canterbury area.

They say there has been a marked increase in the number of the vehicles stolen over the past four months.

Area prevention manager Paul Reeves says the problem is not only in Canterbury.

"This make and model has topped the most stolen vehicle list in Canterbury and this seems to be a trend across other parts of New Zealand," he says.

"In order to deter offenders from stealing these vehicles Police recommend that they are fitted with immobilisers and steering wheel locks and, where possible, parked securely at all times."

Police say the offenders may think this particular vehicle are easy targets because police wouldn't be looking for nifty nana cars. 

A brand new Mazda Demio is a third generation model which retails for nearly NZ$25,000.

Police say while they are working hard to catch the criminals, hatch owners should do more to ensure their "pint-sized pride and joy" was locked and secure from theft.

In February, Waikato Police put out a warning about the same make and model after dozens of thefts.

Police say if anyone sees any suspicious behaviour around any type of vehicle to contact police immediately on 111.