The best 2017 April Fools stitch ups

funny shit 03/04/2017

Tool replaces Maynard James Keenan with Sammy Hagar

The band suggested that Sammy Hagar has come on board instead of Maynard James Keenan to speed up the album process. 

Arctic Monkeys released new track & announced an intimate tour

Haven't done shit in over 2 years and then they hit us to this classic stitch up.

PornHub shares the video you are watching on your social media

Don't blame you for holding your breath for a minute. No one needs to know the fucked up shit you're searching...

KFC introduced a voice-activated bucket that lets you order from home

There a some stitch ups that would really be worth the investment. This is one of them. "The Bucket is the first ever voice-activated delivery and smart dining device from."

KFC also introduce fried chicken sushi

It's KFC. We wouldn't say no.

Trade Me introduce Shake Me - A new way of bidding

Another company trying to get us to move. The app 'Shake Me' uses motion capture technology to see how hard you're shaking your phone and the style you use to shake it... Lads would always win.