20 of the most popular lies people tell their partner

funny shit 08/05/2017

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed that almost everyone lies to their partner. What a shocker.

Half have been lied to in a relationship, with one in three saying the lie was serious, and one in 20 have been dumped as a result of being caught lying.

Keep an ear out for these top 20 lies:

  • "I am listening."
  • "I'm not in a bad mood."
  • "I only had one drink."
  • "I din't see your text/call."
  • "You don't look fat."
  • "I am sticking to my diet."
  • "I had an orgasm."
  • "This isn't a new outfit."
  • "Your butt doesn't look big in that."
  • "I wasn't looking at their figure."
  • "I didn't break that." 
  • "I was out with friends."
  • "I like your mates."
  • "I'm saving the item of clothing you bought me for a special occasion."
  • "I like your cooking."
  • "I didn't eat that treat we were saving."
  • "I've never cheated on you."
  • "I like your parents."
  • "I don't have a history with that person." 
  • "I didn't put that dent/scratch on the car."

Ever been told any of these? Or how many have you actually told?

Sounds quite familiar.