22 extremely unfortunate sports player's names

funny shit 31/05/2018

In sports, there's always good players and bad players, but, as we've recently discovered, there's some pretty good players with some really bad names.

And if you're a bad player with a bad name... well you can imagine the hell you'd go through if you lost a game for your team. Way to go, Fartass. 

1). Faraj Fartass - the rugby player who blows the competition away.

2). Steve Sharts - whose pitching method is a little different than most. 

3). Dick Paradise - always guaranteed to score. 

4). Ralf Minge - who lives up to his name as a footballer. 

5). Dewanna Bonner - this female basketballer offers some interesting proposals off-court. 

6). Ivana Mandic - really wishes she'd qualified for the male team. 

7). Wang Liqin - this table tennis player handles more than just balls. 

8). Dick Trickle - really earned his name after a near-miss car accident.

9). Rusty Kuntz - is now retired and living up to his name. 

10). Destinee Hooker - is probably meant to be doing something other than volleyball. 

11). Dick Felt - speaks for itself. 

12). Yoshie Takeshita - really takes a shit on the opponents. 

13). Chubby Cox - sinks some massive hoops.

14). Dean Shittu - his game is in his name. 

15). Dick Sisler - a real sizzler on the field. 

16). Bernt Haas - leaves everyone else behind him.

17). Gaylord Silly - doesn't even need a caption. 

18). Dean Windass - is a really stink player. 

19). Misty Hymen - we get it, you're a female swimmer. 

20). Andrey Arshaven - has a great technique for increasing aerodynamic speed. 

21). Dick Butkus - was hated for sucking up to the ref. 

22). Lucious Pusey - wait... there's no way that's real - is it?