22 extremely unfortunate sports player's names

In sports, there's always good players and bad players, but, as we've recently discovered, there's some pretty good players with some really bad names.

And if you're a bad player with a bad name... well you can imagine the hell you'd go through if you lost a game for your team. Way to go, Fartass. 

1). Faraj Fartass - the rugby player who blows the competition away.

2). Steve Sharts - whose pitching method is a little different than most. 

3). Dick Paradise - always guaranteed to score. 

4). Ralf Minge - who lives up to his name as a footballer. 

5). Dewanna Bonner - this female basketballer offers some interesting proposals off-court. 

6). Ivana Mandic - really wishes she'd qualified for the male team. 

7). Wang Liqin - this table tennis player handles more than just balls. 

8). Dick Trickle - really earned his name after a near-miss car accident.

9). Rusty Kuntz - is now retired and living up to his name. 

10). Destinee Hooker - is probably meant to be doing something other than volleyball. 

11). Dick Felt - speaks for itself. 

12). Yoshie Takeshita - really takes a shit on the opponents. 

13). Chubby Cox - sinks some massive hoops.

14). Dean Shittu - his game is in his name. 

15). Dick Sisler - a real sizzler on the field. 

16). Bernt Haas - leaves everyone else behind him.

17). Gaylord Silly - doesn't even need a caption. 

18). Dean Windass - is a really stink player. 

19). Misty Hymen - we get it, you're a female swimmer. 

20). Andrey Arshaven - has a great technique for increasing aerodynamic speed. 

21). Dick Butkus - was hated for sucking up to the ref. 

22). Lucious Pusey - wait... there's no way that's real - is it?