25 times Kiwis just didn't give a shit

funny shit 08/05/2017

1.) This legend saving his Speight's from the floods.

2). This copper testing out some advanced vehicle technology.

3). These kids making the most of their flooded skate park. 

4). This genius who combined NZ's two best footwear styles: jandals and gumboots.

5). This scaffolding company who really want to beat the competition. 

6). This safety vehicle which should've followed its own advice.  

7). This very reliable piece of public transport.

8). This spare tyre save.

9). This careful driver (who wasn't careful enough before). 

10). These GCs having a BBQ on a roundabout. 

11). This Waikato expedition.  

12). This DIY ute. 

13). These cops getting into the motorised picnic table gig. 

14). This classic Kiwi letterbox. 

15). This dedicated drawing of our former PM... made completely out of dicks.

16). This highly recommended Countdown deal.

17). This very honest road safety sign. 

18). This iconic policeman who knows how to party. 

19). This effective, organic lawnmower. 

20). This bloke trying to avoid a drink driving fine by taking his horse to the bottle store.

21.) This Waikato beach sign that tells it like it is. 

22). This Queenstown sign with all the right priorities. 

23). This car that also has its priorities straight. 

24). This dude with a very confusing get-up. 

25). And this kid who skived off his exams to watch the cricket.