5 things everyone should know about beef

Food 12/05/2017

1. The average cow is about 40% steak

On average, assuming the cow weighs about 550 kilograms and is nothing special in the muscle department, it should produce about 38% to 44% edible beef, which is a good 210 kilograms' worth.

2. The word 'steak' comes from 'meat on a stick'

When we say “steak” we usually mean beef (a porterhouse, rib eye, filet mignon) but the term can refer to a slice of meat from just about any edible animal.

3. There are a few countries that have more cows than people

Uruguay, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia and Brazil are the only countries with more cows than people. Steak for everyone!

4. 1 cow can produce enough burger meat to feed a family for half a year

Meat from 1 cow would equal 720 100g burgers. Enough for a family of 4 to enjoy burgers each day for nearly 6 months.

5. Beef jerky is so expensive because it's bought by the pound

Beef jerky is so expensive because the beef is bought by the pound, and the jerky loses 3/4ths of that weight in the smoking process.