Auckland bloke uses drone through KFC drive-thru to order Wicked Wings for lunch

NZ 23/05/2017

An innovative Auckland man with a hankering for some fried chicken wings has shown just how to order KFC by drone.

Ollie Mason-Clarke, the blogger known online as King of Cheat Meals, shared his video of the flying fast-food experiment, which he made with production studio Visualise Media NZ.

Mr Mason-Clarke told NZME it wasn't a publicity promotion for the fast-food restaurant, but "just a fun project I wanted to do".

One commenter on the Facebook post has mentioned the story of the Australian man who was fined AU$9000 for using a drone to get a sausage from a Bunnings sausage sizzle, but Mr Mason-Clarke told NZME he followed Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) guidelines.

He says he flew the drone to Lynfield KFC as the drive-thru is on the edge of a park, so the drone didn't fly over any roads.

KFC says Mr Mason-Clarke had worked with the company to make sure the project followed health and safety rules.

"It's a cleverly constructed and fun piece of fan-made content by the King of Cheat Meals," the spokeswoman said.