Aussie bloke drives Maserati onto beach for a round of golf

funny shit 17/05/2017

An Australian man has driven his Maserati onto a Sydney beach for a round of golf.

He pulled up onto the sand and took out his clubs according to locals at Watsons Bay at Camp Cove Beach.

Witness Sam James told 7 News that the man said there was no sign saying that he couldn't drive onto the beach. 

The 51-year-old unemployed man began playing golf shortly after parking up on the sand, putting on a show for locals until police arrived.

He was "making noises, being a bit of a pain, trying to disturb everything, his car stuck there," Mr James said.

"Police rocked up, he was being a bit pushy with the police and the police pushed him back."

The man's unregistered Maserati became stuck on the beach and it had to be towed away.

The man was also taken for a check-up at a nearby hospital.