Aussie bloke loses his shit at driver, gets dealt instant karma

funny shit 30/05/2017

An aggressive Adelaide man has unwittingly become an internet sensation after his angry outburst caused him to walk into a traffic light.

Dashcam footage captured by the driver at the receiving end of the flare-up shows the man crossing the intersection, before noticing the car coming up to the red light.

While the car comes to a stop before the intersection, and doesn't appear to be a threat to the man crossing nor the dog at his side, he still berates the driver for the speed at which he approached the light.

Motioning for the driver to slow down before giving an offensive parting gesture - the driver responding with a barely audible "piss off" - the man then turns back to look where he's walking.

But at that point, it's too late.

The man is just centimetres from a lamppost when he finally turns away from talking to the driver, and careens face-first into it - to raucous laughter from the driver.

The driver's amusement at his downfall only angers him more, however - and he turns once more to offer a verbal barrage as his dog watches on in bemusement.

The moment was posted to YouTube, where it has since received nearly 6.5 million views.