Aussie chick arrested for throwing KFC at the cops

funny shit 01/05/2017

An Australian woman is in custody after police caught up with her for allegedly assaulting officers by throwing KFC chicken at them.

The alleged crime happened in Sydney in 2014, but Wollongong police only managed to track Tammie Denise Peters down at the weekend.

She appeared in the Wollongong Bail court on Sunday (local time) where she was remanded in custody on a warrant over the assault, the Illawarra Mercury reports.

Prosecutors say the 40-year-old "threw a half-eaten piece of KFC chicken at head level in the direction of police".

"The chicken narrowly missed six police officers standing in the vicinity."

Having missed her mark, Peters then picked the chicken up and chucked it again in the face of the officers.

It's just one of several crimes Peters is accused of, with another warrant out for her arrest for assaulting a didgeridoo-playing busker also in 2014.

It allegedly left the man with a cut lip and a chipped tooth.

When police found Peters on Saturday night she was in the pokies area of a local hotel.

Police say she was taken outside and handcuffed. At the Wollongong police station, she told officers she had crystal meth "down her bra".

Police found 0.36g of a "clear crystallised substance" on her.  

Prosecutors opposed Peters' bail arguing she had a history of failing to show up for court, the Illawarra Mercury reports.

Peters, who represented herself, gave the court "100 percent my word" she'd show up and argued she needed to look after her 12-month old daughter.

She is set to appear in court again on Monday (local time).