Aussie bloke uses crab to open beer

funny shit 08/05/2017

An Australian man who used a crab's strong claws to pop the lid off his beer has drawn both praise and derision.

The Snapchat clip, which was saved and put on Facebook by a page called 'Aussie Comedy', has attracted a mix of comments on whether it was awesome or simply animal abuse.

The video, which has 1.6 million views, shows a large crab sitting on top of a bottle of bourbon inside a chilly-bin, and when the man sticks his Victoria Bitter beer close to it, it lashes out angrily.

However the man continues to place his beer in the animal's face, and after a few aggressive attempted pinches it finally clasps on the beer's lid, pulling it off after a few seconds' struggle.

"That's mean. Don't make fun of him and then eat him. It's exploitation. I don't find this funny. I do think you're a c*** though," one commenter wrote.

Another said it was "the greatest thing I have seen all week", but explained how disappointed he was that "guilt-tripping fairies" concerned for the animal's welfare had ruined it for him.

However one of the most popular comments on the video came from a man who pointed out that people labelling the man's action animal abuse were probably hypocrites.

"Every single person concerned about the crab's welfare is looking at this post on a mobile phone/computer or another electronic device, which have manufacturing and liquidation processes that end up raping forests/polluting waterways and creating landfill, which have a greater impact on the earth than a crab in an esky," he wrote.

"So STFU and enjoy the simple pleasure of a mud crab opening a beer and stop raining on the parade."