Australia 'blesses' the world with VB ice cream

funny shit 16/05/2017

An ice cream maker from Queensland has drawn crowds after creating what many would describe as the country's most patriotic flavour - a Victoria Bitter gelato.

Frank Bailey, who owns Zanette's Gelati in the Gold Coast, recently began infusing his famed gelato with Australia's most-consumed alcoholic beverage - and people have been queuing up in their droves for it.

The ice cream, which can only be bought by customers 18 and over, is laced with the drink and can actually get one intoxicated if they were to eat enough of it, Mr Bailey said.

Speaking to Australian media outlet 7 News, Mr Bailey said the flavour's been hugely popular with his clientele.

"People just like it, of course. Anything with alcohol in it is good, isn't it?"

He is now looking into what other alcoholic beverages can be converted into gelatos, in an attempt to cash in on Queenslanders' thirst for boozy ice cream.

Strewth, mate - now we just need him to pop across the Tasman and manufacture us a Tui gelato.