Is this the worst sports coverage ever?

sports 26/05/2017

So, against all odds, someone has finally outdone Mulls' #juggernaut blowout.

Australia's ABC network was awarded the rights to Liverpool's match against A-League champions Sydney FC at ANZ Stadium.

But after the coverage provided by the government-funded broadcaster, they might not get too many more matches.

Not a network particularly associated with sports broadcasting, ABC obviously tried to do something a little different with the coverage, enlisting amateur presenters and changing the tone of what would be typically a serious sports coverage.

Mispronouncing names, using whiteboards and little cut-out images instead of touch screens, performing skits including one where a presenter texted "you called, who is dis?" to Harry Kewell in order to elicit a response, the coverage fell flat on anything expected from a national broadcaster.

Being incredibly cringe-worthy, the presenters appeared like they were trying to be funny.

Instead they delivered what will be remembered as a calamity of a broadcast.

And social media let them know about it.