Strange moment road rage ends in a hug

funny shit 05/05/2017

The unlikely moment a road rage incident ended with a hug and an apology has been caught on a biker's headcam.

The cyclist, whose name isn't known, was riding through Newcastle in the UK when he was nearly sent flying by a car pulling out of an intersection.

The rider sounded his horn as he swerved out of the way before pulling over and walking back to the car.

But rather than launch an angry tirade, the biker says he's "come in peace" and wants to check the other person is alright.

A woman emerges from her car, repeatedly apologising before the pair exchange a hug.

It's a heartwarming example of road rage being dealt with in a civilised manner, which isn't often the case.

As he walks away, the driver reflects on the situation.

"I think people need to stop playing the blame game", he says.

"This woman was shaken up, same as I was. No one was hurt. Yeah I could've been, but I'm fine.

"Keep the situation calm, no one has to get angry."