Teen inmates shake up guards in protest for McDonald's

funny shit 09/05/2017

A bunch of youth offenders in a UK juvenile prison have caused a "bizarre" scene when they staged a protest on top of a rubbish skip and would not come down unless they were given McDonald's Big Macs.

The teen inmates demonstrated on top of the rubbish skip for about three hours at the Polmont Detention Centre in Stirlingshire, Scotland, the Sun reports.

But the jail's bosses laughed off their demands.

"They kept on about wanting a McDonald's... It was bizarre. Everyone who was coming into the yard could see there was something going on," a source told the Sun.

"I don't know what resolved it in the end but I'm not surprised they were refused the grub."

The stand-off happened on Sunday afternoon in the centre's outdoor grounds.

"These things always involve negotiating," another source told the paper.

"Prisoners will make a lot of demands in cases like this - but they're never going to get McDonald's bought for them. Anything like that would be laughed out of town."

In a statement, the Scottish Prison Service said: "There was an incident with several young offenders at HMP Polmont. It ended peacefully with no injuries."