United Airlines joins viral nuggets tweet, gets roasted

funny shit 12/05/2017

Troubled US airline United has had its controversy-laden recent history dragged back into the spotlight after attempting to cash in on a viral internet campaign.

United Airlines has had its brand severely tarnished in the past three months after a series of high-profile indiscretions - the violent removal of a doctor from a domestic flight last month being the most infamous.

However the airline has been attempting to piece together its brand since then, and aside from a customer being flown 5000km in the wrong direction last week, the company has been relatively controversy-free.

So the airline will be devastated its name has once again been dragged through the mud after they tried to capitalise on a viral tweet by US man Carter Wilkerson, in which he asked for a year's worth of chicken nuggets from fast food giant Wendy's.

The original tweet was made just days before the damning footage of Dr Dao being dragged off the plane emerged - but on Thursday they followed it up with a second, again reiterating that they'll fly him to any Wendy's around the world for free.

The tweet was instantly condemned, and quickly became a target for opportunistic Twitter users to post their favourite memes and retorts in response.

Many took the chance to link the tweet to the viral video of Dr Dao being forcefully removed from his seat.

Others harked back to some of the other controversies surrounding the airline, and even negative publicity completely unassociated with the company.

The tweet, which has drawn far more negative publicity than was likely to have been expected, is still up on the social media site.