Aussie bloke tries to be a big dog on his motorbike, has epic burnout fail

funny shit 21/06/2017

An Aussie motorcyclist has experienced some instant karma after attempting to show off his sick ride in a carwash.

The biker's ego was left bruised after a burnout attempt ended with him skidding directly into a concrete wall in a Jimboomba carwash, an hour south of Brisbane. 

In CCTV footage uploaded to YouTube today, the rider pumps his brakes, leading to his back tyre skidding out and him losing control of the bike.  He ends up accelerating straight into the wall. 

Another man cleaning his red Holden in the adjacent car wash cubicle watches the entire collision unfold.

Adding further insult to what looks like a pretty sore injury, the biker isn't able to pick his bike up, and spends some painful seconds trying to drag it up.  

The video was uploaded on Facebook and received thousands of likes in less than 24 hours before it was taken down, 7 News reports.