Cringe at Bill English awkwardly celebrating Team NZ winning the America's Cup

Vids 28/06/2017

While many kiwis got up early and hit the pubs and boat sheds on Tuesday morning to watch Team NZ win the America's Cup, Prime Minister Bill English was watching from home in his loyal red socks.

But not to be excluded from the social celebrations, he got someone - we don't know who, probably one of his embarrassed children - to film his reaction the moment Team New Zealand crossed the finish line to win the Cup.

And it is about as awkward and cringey as you could imagine.

The video starts off showing the final seconds of the race on a TV, before panning left to reveal the PM, who has been patiently waiting off camera with two fist pumps at the ready, who then lets off two very intense "YES! YES!" while looking straight down the barrel of the camera.

Check out the original twitter post.

Great to know old mate Bill is continuing John Key's legacy of providing socially awkward moments to the country.