Constipated bloke gets 13kg turd surgically removed from his body

funny shit 14/06/2017

We'd be the first to admit we're pretty full of shit sometimes, but this dude was quite literally... full of actual shit.

A Chinese man (who chose to be unnamed - we can't imagine why) had a buildup of feces in his body for 22 years (aka since birth), leaving him constipated in a way we'd never like to imagine.

And before you start laughing - the poor bastard was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease, a condition that means there's a missing nerve in the bowels which makes it near impossible to take a dump. His parents reckoned his pain (and other issues stemming from the situation) weren't enough to visit the doc, hence how it got so bad.

Surgeons at Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital removed part of his colon and the, err... feces, in a three hour operation, and he's recovering nicely.

And yes, this shit could have killed him. We won't go into gory details, but long story short, his *stuff* could have stretched, or become a little... infected.

We've never been so relieved to take a dump. Phew. 

Source: Asia One