People are now giving Bunnings 5 star restaurant ratings for their snags

funny shit 27/06/2017

Better known as the place that'll beat any price by 15%, Bunnings Warehouse has become famous for their sausage sizzles with many saying their local shop has the best snags in town - and now there's proof.

A Bunnings Warehouse in rural Victoria is getting a lot of attention recently after the 'restaurant' appeared on TripAdvisor, because the internet is a weird place.

The local Bunnings in Warrnambool has had 52 reviews so far, with 48 of them being 5 star rated (Excellent).

All these ratings make the charity sausage sizzle (which goes down every Sunday) the 9th-highest rated eatery in the Warrnambool area... out of 93 places. Jesus. 

The best part about the 5 star ratings? They all come with outstanding reviews explaining why this Bunnings has the best 'snarlers in town'.

But, you can't win 'em all...