Photo credit: Richard Meadows/Facebook

Two kiwi lads trekked the Himalayas in jandals for a laugh

New Zealand 03/06/2017

First it was Sir Ed in 1953 climbing Mt Everest and knocking the bastard off to make history, and now, 64 years later, these two lads are set to become local heroes too.


Kiwi blokes Richard Meadows and Ed Gunn, who were deep in Kathmandu about to take on the Annapurna Circuit (a 150km trek through the Himalayas), thought it would be funny to do the whole thing in New Zealand's national footwear - jandals.

And yes, if you were thinking they made this decision on the piss, you are correct.

"We hadn't seen each other in almost a year, so we'd been hitting the whisky pretty hard," Meadows told Stuff.

I jokingly suggested we do the whole things in jandals.

Turns out the joke didn't remain a joke, and the two chaps followed through on their drunken agreement.

"We did 25km no problem, steaming along quite happily, so we decided to do it the next day, and so on. We're both quite competitive and that male pride pretty much guaranteed neither of us was going to quit."

They didn't stop there. They pushed through the pain - fever, gastro, insomnia, knee and hip pain amongst other things...but they never replaced their flip flops for hiking boots.

They even attached crampons to their jandals, to make what they called "jampons".

The two managed to ascend 5416 metres to the summit. Bloody tough bastards alright.

It's a pretty interesting read. Head over to Stuff to read the full thing (there's heaps more detail, we only skimmed the surface).