Beer company stocks are dropping because people keep drinking wanky craft brews

Beer 27/07/2017

Business Insider reports Goldman Sachs (a yuuuge investment banker in the US) has had to downgrade shares on two of its biggest beer companies; Boston Beer and Constellation Brands, which own brands like Corona and Modelo. 

Apparently millennials (aka young people) are far less likely to grab a box of a popular brand of beer than the older generations

Meanwhile, people are picking up and downing craft beers like its the end of the goddamn world. 

A recent study of 10,000 drinkers in the U.S found 57% of millennials were drinking craft beers every week, and even prefer whiskey, gin and vodka ahead of good ol' fashioned beer. 

Mate, you don't look any cooler with your wanky craft beer or perfume-tasting vino. Just grab a Heine and sit the hell down. 

Sounds like its time to pick up our balls and start fighting for the beersies that really matter.