Photo credit: SYP Operational Support

Ferrari owner wrote off his $450,000 supercar one hour after buying it

Fail 28/07/2017

A classic case of more dollars than sense, here.

This A-grade knobhead turned an $454,000 Ferrari into a smouldering wreck only one hour after he bought it.

One. Hour. What the fuck, Richard.

Take a look at it.

Pictures released by South Yorkshire Police Operational Support (the crash occured in Barnsley, England) show the smashed-up remains of a jet black Ferrari 430 Sculderia after it spun out and crashed off the side of a motorway.

Apparently the road was wet, which caused this bloke to slide 50m across a field before the supercar burst into flames.

How did the driver end up? Don't worry, nothing too serious - he walked away with cuts and bruises, and one hell of a damaged ego.

South Yorkshire Police Operational Support posted this on their Facebook page:

The guy should be counting his lucky stars he didn't kill anyone (including himself).

As for the car? What a waste. Give yourself an uppercut, bro.