Hodor from Game of Thrones stars in new KFC ad

KFC 06/07/2017

The advert stars Kristian Nairn who played the loveable character Hodor on the hit HBO fantasy show.

It's a parody of the tragic moment from season six of Game of Thrones, where brave Hodor sacrifices himself by holding off hordes of White Walker zombies to give one of the heroes, Bran, more time to escape.  

But instead of holding off monsters as he did on the drama series, Kristian instead holds off hordes of hungry customers who have invaded a UK branch of KFC at lunchtime.

The tongue-in-cheek spoof is promoting KFC's Ricebox, which contain the chain's famous Original Recipe chicken with rice instead of chips as a healthier option as they are all under 500 calories.

Watch the original "Hold The Door" clip from Game of Thrones below.