Mime loses his goddamn mind, blows out in the back of live broadcast

funny shit 19/07/2017

You would usually expect a street mime to remain absolutely silent - but a reporter for Britain's national broadcaster learnt the hard way that that isn't always the case.

Speaking to two police officers about the rise of drunkards and the homeless on Leicester's city streets, it quickly became clear BBC journalist Amy Harris had chosen perhaps the worst part of town to conduct the live interview.

As the interview began on the network's midday news programme, an argument emerged between the mime and another man, who appeared to have an issue with something he'd done.

While the argument was captured by the BBC's microphones, it remained in the background and was just a minor disturbance to what was otherwise a perfectly good interview.

However that soon changed, with the final response to one of Ms Harris' questions becoming drowned out by tormented and colourful exclamations from the mime artist, who was dressed in all silver.

"Go away! Go away! F**k off! F**k off! F**k off! F**k off!" he yelled, as one of the police officers being interviewed stepped away from the camera to deal with the duo.

Ms Harris, clearly quite distracted by the commotion, apologised for the noise and the swearing before handing the broadcast back to those in the studio.

Viewers were left in stitches at what they had witnessed, with many taking to social media to share the video and comment on what'd just occurred.

It is not known why the mime had become so incensed, nor if he or the other man involved would be punishment for it.

The incident is the latest of several high-profile BBC gaffes to have gone viral in recent months.