This mall has 'husband pods' for blokes to hang out while the missus shops

funny shit 18/07/2017

As a bloke, there's nothing more painful than being dragged ear-first around the shops by your missus. If we have to stand there and pretend to be interested in the shoes section of Farmers one more time, we might just lose our shit.

Thankfully, Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has heard our complaints, and answered them. 

The Chinese shops have built "husband pods" to give us poor bastards something to do while the ladies look around the mall (and thank fuck you don't have to spend time trying to track her down again because you snuck off to the electronics store).

The pods feature retro 1990s video games and sweet leather seats to help waste time. They're currently free, but the mall owners reckon they'll roll out more and start charging for their use if popularity picks up.